Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day To Me !!

I received the sweetest Valentine's surprise today after I got home from work today! My wonderful husband presented me with a brand new digital camera! So now all I have to do is learn how to take better pictures of my art jewelry and craft's !! WOW! So many new things to learn my brain is going on cellular degeneration ! But I am trying to remain calm and tell myself "YOU CAN DO THIS " Do not let your self-doubt spoil your journey! So while I quiet the voice's in my head I eagerly sit down to tell you a wonderful story of true love. No ,not mine another story close to my heart which I feel , is very appropriate for this romantic of holidays. There is a young Indian couple who own a smoke shop in the town where I live. Four months ago the husband took their then 10 month old daughter  with him and flew back to India to visit their parents and introduce their beautiful child to their families. Well when the visit was over and it was time for them to return home ,he could not  seems his paper work /passport visa had expired!! I befriended the young woman and tryed to give her words of encouragement and visited her as often as I could . She was pretty much alone during the holiday's , and didn't have alot of friends, she lost alot of weight and looked like she had just finished crying every time I visited her store. Well it turns out she just came back from India and her husband and child will return home next week !!!!!

I am thrilled for her and her small family my heart just filled with joy and love for them to see her face all lit up at the mention of her husband and daughter brought tears to my eye's so tonight before I left her shop she reaches behind her and hands me a small white bear holding a big red heart that's stamped with the word LOVE. I tell you it was such a simple act but it made me feel ten feet tall! How one act of kindness brought about a new found friendship and understanding as a wife and mother I could reach out to her and offer her strength and comfort in a time in this young woman's life when she truly needed a friend. I can hardly wait for them all to be together as a family again. I hope everyone's Valentine's Day turned out to be as full of love and surprizes' as mine did !!!