Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Bead Soup!!

This piece reminded me of Africa or maybe India it has a very ethnic fill to it. Mitzie sent me a piece that I can't remember who designed it , I really wanted  to use this piece  and I wanted to make it into a bracelet . It reminds me of something you might pick up on a trip to some faraway exotic place. Well this is the end of my bead soup reveal I hope you enjoy what you see here and hope you leave a comment for me! Maybe I will see you in the next one. Many Thanks' to Lori and hope you are doing well. This was a wonderful experience for me and I Thank You for including me.

P.S. I forgot to mention the very nice clasp Mitzie made and sent to me . Thank You Mitzie!!!


I have two other pieces I was able to put together from the many generous pieces I received from my partner Mitzie Crider. Unfortunately,  I was not able to use all of them during this party but I will bet that I will be able to put them to use in other party's.

 I chose these brass bird stampings with some other brass stampings I had in my stash along with some pretty blue Czech glass beads with the ear wires provided by my partner. I thought th. They came out very nice and I can't wait to wear them! They remind me of spring!


Ok! Nothing like running under the gun! But I did it and now I am finally ready to show the world  my bead soup pieces I received from the very talented Mitzie Crider of Needfulluxuries,  I was really puzzled about this soup so it took me a while to be able to  conceive a piece that I could be happy about displaying. Here is the 1st piece , I used fresh water pearls and wire wrapped each one along with some very soft pink Czech glass beads that were perfect with this necklace . In my mind, the Eiffel Tower which is my focal from Mitzie just screamed PINK!!  As everyone knows Paris is romantic and that's how I came up with my version which I call Romance.

There was just so much to pick from and from my schedule I had a real challenge on my hands so I hope you enjoy my posts! And Thanks again to my partner Mitzie Crider for all the wonderful soup!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bead Soup Revealed!

Finally I can show my bead soup from the very nice and very clever Mitzie Crider of NeedfulLuxuries, I have waited so long to show everybody so well here it is ! TA! DA!

Pretty sweet! Only I am stuck on where to start! My muse is on a walk about I fear as, my sisternlaw had knee surgery yesterday so apart from playing Nurse Hatchett and running the household, errands ect.... I am trying to find my creative mojo! For the love of God! I have had my moments where you know you get a wee bit stuck and I will clean up my work station or mix up some skinner blends that will usually do the trick for me...but did I mention that my clay and pasta machine are still packed away?! Yes, dearies and it's so sad because I have missed them so very badly!! But fear not, we are getting ready to move into the new house very shortly!! So be of good cheer! And if anyone should see a lonely muse walking around aimlessly with far away eye's please tell her to go home straight away! She is missed!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party Begins!!

OK! So a quick little post to say that I am very excited about this Bead Soup Blog Party.
I haven't found out who my bead soup partner is but I'm sure she will be wonderful! Lori Anderson is one of my favorite bead artist and a very strong individual.
This challenge in itself is a huge project! I had no idea how much work went into one of these parties!

But , I can tell you that I can truly appreciate all her time and effort especially while she is waging her own personal battle with her health. She is truly a remarkable lady and I want to "Thank You so very much! " This is going to be a wonderful journey for me.

Let the games begin!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Carmi Cimicata Watch Face Project!

I just had to share this with everybody even if know one's read my blog! I was so excited about this I wanted to share with everyone! In September Carmi Cimicata announced that she was having a project involving these great watch faces that she ask people to decorate them with resin or art resin clay. Well I just thought for sure I wouldn't be chosen well! I WAS!!! We had to art them up and of course since I love resin I just had to jump on board. We had to have them finished before November 28th and get them mailed back to her as she is going to pick the best ones and bring them to California to the biggest Craft show in the country. The Craft and Hobby Association will be held in Pasadena California in January and I am so excited about this!

I am hoping that my watch face will be picked I am going to post a picture of it here and you let me know what you think! I think it turned out so very cool but there are some really amazing artist out there ! So drum roll please!!!!!

8th Bead Soup Blog Party !!!!!!