Sunday, December 1, 2013

These swaps are so much fun! Tina Holden is our host and she is the best! I was always wondering about these swaps but was afraid to join . I didn't think I was good enough ,that my art work was par-standard, but I decided to jump right in ! The ladies were very welcoming and encouraged me along the way. My husband was also very supportive and helped me so much with my projects and always making sure I had everything I needed and even helped me when I got stuck and my muse went on a walk-about! In fact, this last swap he came up with the idea of making snowmen ornaments! These are my snowmen and my snowflake twenchie's. In case you're wondering what a to twenchi is well it's a 2" x 2" in canvas made entirely out of clay, clayers use them to trade and to express themselves artistically.