Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thank's

Wow ! The holidays just came in like a whirlwind! What the heck !? I got through a birthday and Halloween and Thanksgiving was a wonderful day of eating and watching holiday movies with my hubby!
I had a really nice time , my son also spent Thanksgiving with us and my step-daughter Kaylynn communicated with me! It's a long story but it really made my day!

So I am grateful for many things this year, for my wonderful husband who is so patient and understanding, for my son who I pray that his life will turn around for him pretty soon and he can start a new chapter. For my step daughter may she continue to find it in her heart every day to forgive me my past transgressions so we can be a family again once more. I miss you very , very much! So lord thank you for my family near and far, for my friends and I pray that they too find peace and happiness this holiday season!