Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting to work !

So I finally got some time to sit down and add some new post's it's been a very busy new year for me already and I have so many craft projects I want to do! I want to Thank Alpha Stamp's again for the wonderful package of goodie's ! I am enjoying myself so much and will post pictures of my finished project when it is complete. I have waited 5 year's to win one of their contest and I sure hope I win again if not I am going to have to save my pennies and get my list ready because shopping at Alpha Stamp's is addicting. Laura Carson is one of their design team members and you have to join her blog she is amazing , to many to name right now but will ay the whole team is out-standing in their work and skills and all have beautiful blog's. I found out that I can step away from my clay and work with paper which was my first love and it helps to switch around from time to time and try different type's of art and for me paper and clay go along real well together!

I hope all of you are having some fun -filled artsy adventure's and I do want to encourage you to try different mediums and spread your wing's!! I just entered another contest provided by Art Jewlery Elements, hosted by the wonderful artist Melissa Meman she is an awesome mixed -media artist and I love her work so I am hoping to win a couple of her copper component's and join her and some other talented ladies in her blog hop. So if you haven't anything to do check out some of these website's you may find yourself opening up a whole new avenue of artsy fun to explore and have fun with!
Till next time, may your hand's always be stained with ink, your art table filled with projects and your heart free to fly !!! Peace & Love ,

Alpha Stamp's Winner !!

 So it get's even better !! On January 8th , Leslie from Alpha Stamp's notified me that I had won The Star -Crossed Lovers package they were giving away!.
If you love pretty scrapbook paper like I do and enjoy making beautiful paper art work like I do then you must get over to the Alpha Stamps website and sign up for the blog too! The website has everything you need to create beautiful paper art, they also have some amazing artists that will show you tutorials on many of the projects. best of all they carry Graphic 45 scrapbook paper which is the very best on the market as far as I am concern. Here is what my studio looks like right now as I am working on a Valentine project for my daughter, and it looks like a bomb went off in my studio! So please bear with me this is not for the faint of heart ! Beware! What you are about to see may be contagious!

Here are a few more pic of my beautiful components from Ms. Mary Harding at The Art Bead Scene.
She is a kind and very caring lady her package arrived and it felt like Christmas all over again it was so pretty ! Many Thank's to Ms. Mary Harding and Art Bead Scene !!

ABS Contest Winner !

Wow!   The new year started out with a kick for me ! I am one happy girl ! One of my favorite artist who is a member of The Art Bead Scene, Ms. Mary Harding sent me an email on January 5th telling me I was the winner of that months contest which they have pretty often. But I wasn't expecting to win so I had forgotten about it. I entered because I love Ms. Harding's art beads and components and since I only just got back to work I was not able to afford some of her piece's so I took a chance and I WON !! here are a few pictures of two of her ceramic heart charms and a brand new design line for Ms. Harding her soldered stamped toggle !